Support Opportunities for 2021- 2022

We have published our Support Opportunities for 2021- 2022.


The guidance notes and links to the application form are available at:


We know that the needs of your museum are changing fast.  For this reason, we are going to run two application rounds for support in 2021-22: a first round in January/February and a second round in late spring/early summer.  This means that you will also be able to apply for additional or different support later in the year.


Support allocated in the first round could run for the entire year, but we are aiming to create additional opportunities to respond to your changing needs as the country emerges from the pandemic.  The deadline for this round of applications is 23:59 on 28th February.  We will assess all applications in order of receipt.


Please note that we will only accept one application per organisation per round, so please check with your colleagues before applying.


If there is something of interest in our support programme but you are not normally eligible for our support, please speak to us and we will work with ACE to try and make it happen.


Please get in touch with your Museum Development Officer if you would like to talk through your ideas before applying.