Month: July 2023

Collections Care and Management Programme 2023

This series of workshops, developed collaboratively by MDY, MDNW and MDNE, have been designed to support you and other staff in your museum to achieve, maintain and improve Collections Care and Management practices and to meet Museum Accreditation requirements detailed in Section 2 of the ACE managed Museum Accreditation Standard. The programme will begin with […]

6 July 2023

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Collection Care Part 1 & 2

Part of the Collections Care and Management Programme 2023. Part 1: This session will cover: an introduction to the museum environment; pest monitoring and control measures; a practical housekeeping session working on a variety of objects provided. Schedule: The Museum Environment; Light, Humidity, Temperature, Pollution, Mould and Pests Identification Prevention Monitoring and control; Condition Assessments, […]

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Labelling and Marking

Part of the Collections Care and Management Programme 2023. This session will give an overview of Spectrum 5.0 primary procedure of labelling and marking; a chance to review your own procedures; along with a practical session of labelling and marking objects. Schedule: Labelling and marking- the theory and overview Basic techniques, materials and assembling a […]

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Opportunity to reduce costs: Online briefing for museums on the Energy Relief Scheme FRIDAY 7 JULY 3-4pm

The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) will be holding an online session to demonstrate how libraries, archive services and museums should apply for the Energy and Trade Intensive Industries (ETII) element of the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBDS). Hosted by Chris Mulvee, DESNZ   Friday 7 July, 3-4pm. DESNZ Teach in for […]

3 July 2023

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