Second Phase of MDY Support Opportunities 2021-22 – NOW OPEN

Museums have seen many changes in recent months as part of the process of reopening and adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic. To meet the changing needs of your museum, we are giving you a second opportunity to apply for MDY support for this financial year.

If you already received support in the first round, you are welcome to apply again. However, we can only accept one application per organisation per round.

Please read the Guidance Document to see details of the support available, how it can help your organisation, and the time you will need to commit. Please contact with your local Museum Development Officer if you have any questions or need advice.

The deadline for this round of applications is 10:00 on 6th September.  We will assess all applications in order of receipt.

Completing the application form

The link for the application form can be found in the Guidance Document.

When you are completing the form, you can see a list of all questions by pressing the ‘print’ button.

This is important – if you are completing the application on more than one occasion, and want to return to the application before submitting, remember to press ‘save’ and follow the on-screen instructions.  Although every partially completed application will be saved, we have no means of retrieving them until 6th September.

Once you press the ‘submit’ button you will receive a confirmation email.  If you don’t receive an email then you may not have pressed the submit button.