OSPAAAL: Solidarity and Design

In the glow of the 1959 Cuban Revolution, artists and designers in Cuba sparked change through bold poster design.

The V&A has in its collections about 200 posters produced by OSPAAAL, which stands for the ‘Organization of Solidarity with the People of Asia, Africa and Latin America’.

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The V&A wants to hear from interested organisations who may wish to accommodate the display and discuss potential avenues of discussion with the V&A.

Display Summary  

This display is a selection of 14 reproduced posters from the V&A’s collection of over 200 OSPAAAL posters. OSPAAAL (1966–2019) stands for the Organization of Solidarity with the People of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The organisation was born in the 1960s out of anti-imperialist and revolutionary movements in the Global South.


OSPAAAL: Solidarity and Design provides opportunities to discuss non-western design, graphic design, design and printing techniques, imperialism, communism, colonialism, allyship, political leadership, unity and conflict.



Posters: 14 reproduced high-quality prints of OSPAAAL posters
Text: An introductory panel for the display (150-180 words), a combination of tombstone information and short text labels which provide context (50-60 words each).
Display Infrastructure: MDF boards painted blue, and wooden framing to house the display. To be attached to walls. Please note as with the initial V&A South Kensington display, this does not need to be one continuous wall.


If you would like to discuss this opportunity please email Leanne Manfredi: l.manfredi@vam.ac.uk