Race and museums in Britain and Yorkshire today

Understand how the history of migration stories in Britain, and Yorkshire and the Humber, have influenced the ethnic make-up of Britain and our region, and how working with diverse communities through ethnically equitable practice increases your museum’s relevance, and how to do this.

This session will support you if you are seeking to understand, or advocate for, why and how your museum could apply ethnically equitable practice to broaden its relevance.

We are offering a series of three, new, FREE online sessions to develop your understanding and capability in ethnically equitable practice in museums. These sessions particularly focus on addressing equity and equality in relation to race and ethnicity.

These sessions are stand-alone and will complement the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion cohort in January-March 2022.

You can book into one, any, or all of these, in addition to or separately from the cohort, according to your museum’s needs.

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