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Rural Museums Network: Decolonising Rural Collections

Panel Discussion with Q&A introducing participants to what decolonisation might mean for their organisations and working practices.

Until recently, colonial legacies have not been central to rural history, heritage, or museology but there are clear issues to address concerning land rights, extractive colonialism, and contemporary social justice. Join us to explore how reforming rural museology is critical to decolonisation.

12 November 2021

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Why are Equity and Inclusion important for museums?

This introductory session will enable you to explore and understand why equity and inclusion are important to museums, and their impact on a successful museum business. There will be a particular focus on developing your racial literacy and awareness.

This session will support you if you have questions about why your museum should engage with issues of inclusion and race, or if you need to advocate internally for this work.

24 November 2021

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National Lottery Heritage Fund: Helping You Apply – Grants for £3,000 – £10,000 (North)

This informal 2 hour session will explore:

How heritage can be used to transform places and change lives; what a well-planned project looks like and; how to write a strong funding application to The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

8 December 2021

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Working Meaningfully with Young People

Led by Kids in Museums, this two hour workshop will guide you through getting started or developing your museum’s work with young people. You will learn why museums should work with young people and tips on how to get started.

8 December 2021

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Assessing your museum’s digital capacity

Gain confidence, tools and resources to strategically assess and develop your museum’s digital activities, in a 3 part online workshop, aimed at smaller museums.

For museums to take full advantage of everything digital can offer, they must first understand how and where digital sits within their organisation. In this 3-part workshop, people in museum senior leadership, alongside a colleague responsible for undertaking digital activities, will be guided through using parts of the Digital Culture Compass, a toolkit to assess their museum’s digital activities.

13 January 2022

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Impact of the British Empire and Transatlantic slavery on museums and collections

Understand the relationships between the British Empire, Transatlantic slavery, and the British economy, with a focus on Yorkshire and the Humber, and how colonialism and slave trade narratives have shaped museum collections and interpretation. You will start to apply this to your museum using an object from your museum.

This session will support you if you are seeking to understand, or advocate for, why and how your museum could address colonialist or untold, diverse narratives within your collections or interpretation.

16 February 2022

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Race and museums in Britain and Yorkshire today

Understand how the history of migration stories in Britain, and Yorkshire and the Humber, have influenced the ethnic make-up of Britain and our region, and how working with diverse communities through ethnically equitable practice increases your museum’s relevance, and how to do this.

This session will support you if you are seeking to understand, or advocate for, why and how your museum could apply ethnically equitable practice to broaden its relevance.

16 March 2022

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