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Industrial Collections Forum is back online for our autumn meeting.

Join us for speakers and updates on industrial collections matters.


We will be hearing from Mike Loftus, Objects Conservator from the Norwegian National Aviation Museum, Norsk Luftfartsmuseum. (NL)

The talk will discuss the life cycle of an airliner from service to outdoor display to the scrapyard or sectioning.

What does it take to look after such an object as a resource limited museum with many competing interests?

Is it possible to cheat death and should you even try?

Do we talk about conservation or is managing decline the best we can hope for?

Mike will explore these issues using three case studies he has worked on, all at different stages of the life cycle;

– Comet 4 c, G-BDIX, NMoF

– 707, G-APFJ, NMoF

– 737-300, NL


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