Elevenses – Thursday 20 July

Tea Cup with biscuit

Immersive and interactive digital technologies sound really great, right? Visitor experiences that are more personalised and more interactive; richer and more engaging storytelling; offers of ‘something for everyone’. But how do we reconcile this promise with the realities of running a museum – often with limited resources and small training budgets, and even smaller budgets for investing in technology?

XR Stories has supported a range of museums and heritage projects exploring this balancing act, and learned a little bit about what works and what doesn’t. Creative Producers John Rose-Adams and Nikki Stearman will share some examples of heritage projects and hope for a discussion with the group about new project ideas!

XR Stories supports research and development for companies working in cutting-edge digital technologies in the Yorkshire and Humber region. They do this through a programme of funding, research collaboration and connection. They work across film, TV, games, media arts, heritage, advertising and technology to champion a new future in storytelling.

XR Stories

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