As If Trying Not to Own The Earth: Museums Planning for Climate Change Adaptation

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How is your museum responding to the climate emergency? What could be the role of the museum in bringing into being a different world: a world that does not own the Earth, but instead contributes to a regenerative culture and community?

We are Rita Marcalo (Instant Dissidence) and Kristina Lomas (Eco Affinity), and we work in the fields of dance and sustainability respectively. As a response to the climate emergency we have made radical changes in our professional and personal lives. As If Trying Not To Own The Earth is a workshop developed by us for organisations seeking to explore, respond and adapt to the impacts of a changing climate.

Museum Development Yorkshire has commissioned this event to bring together people from museums in Yorkshire and the Humber for reflection, exploration and discussion to :

  • Reflect on the expected impacts of climate change in their locality and beyond
  • Consider the additional impact of Covid-19
  • Explore their museum’s role in a climate-changed world
  • Discuss and apply a framework for strategic organisational adaptation to climate change
  • Identify next steps for their museum to develop organisational resilience through adaptation


This workshop will be delivered via Zoom in 3 x 2-hour sessions over 2 weeks.

  • Session 1 – Tue 13 July 10am-12pm
  • Session 2 – Wed 14 July 10am-12pm
  • Session 3 – Internal session to be organised by each participating museum
  • Session 4 – Wed 21 July 10am-12pm

By signing up, you are agreeing to attend all the sessions. You will also need to schedule an internal 2-hour session with your museum colleagues before the final group session. These sessions have been adapted from an original one-day workshop, which was postponed in March 2020 due to Covid restrictions.


Who should attend?

To gain the most benefit for your organisation, we encourage you to send 2-3 participants from your museum.

Participants should be in a leadership position, or sustainability role, and able to influence changes to their museum’s strategic direction on sustainability and adaptation to the impacts of climate change.


Who are our trainers?

Rita Marcalo

Instant Dissidence is an Ireland-based company directed by me, Rita Marcalo. It is my way of bringing different artists together, in different combinations, to realise different ideas: through Instant Dissidence I invent ways of offering other people art experiences and solve creative problems. Instant Dissidence is also a socially-engaged and ecologically-engaged company: we foreground the role that dance/choreography can play as a social engine; we are ‘artivists’ who believe in the power of connecting art and social consciousness.

Kristina Lomas

Eco Affinity is a not-for-profit sustainability consultancy. Our mission is to assist the cultural, creative and community sectors to become more sustainable by working together to strengthen the interconnectedness between people, resources and the environment. We believe these sectors can provide the foundation, inspiration and model for a sustainable society through generating creativity, connection and cohesion. These attributes are not only vital to achieving sustainable development, but they are essential to overcoming the challenges ahead, together. Our work includes identifying energy efficiency opportunities and resource management solutions that will strengthen and support delivery of your core objectives.

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