Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy

Capital Fundraising

As a fundraiser it is likely you could find yourself running a capital campaign. This is most often around building work but could be smaller-scale capital, such as equipment requirements for touring organisations or refurbishments of existing spaces. This practical course offers participants the opportunity to explore the best routes for successful capital fundraising.

Who is it for?

The Capital Fundraising Course is for people in the early stages of planning a capital campaign and Executive teams and Department Heads who will be responsible for implementing building and equipment-based projects. The course assumes participants will already have a good understanding of fundraising for arts, cultural and heritage organisations.

What will I learn?

  • An understanding of the various stages of a capital campaign
  • How to create a fundraising feasibility study
  • How to develop a realistic project and resourcing plan
  • The best ways to ensure that supporters move onto regular giving once the capital phase is complete
  • How marketing, communications and media relations colleagues can help support the campaign

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Dance City, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Dance City, Newcastle-upon-Tyne