The National Archives releases new guidance

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Take a look at the latest guidance releases from The National Archives.

GDPR guidance

A consultation draft of TNA’s ‘Guide to Archiving Personal Data’ can now be found on the TNA website, go to

This guidance is being developed together with ARA and colleagues in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Intended for archiving and archives, the guidance is not intended for researchers, or as general data protection guidance, or for people reusing information found in archives.  ICO is best source for general advice about data protection.  The overall message is to continue to archive personal data whilst respecting the privacy of people, the same message as has applied over the last twenty years of working under the  Data Protection Act.

Additional GDPR guidance for the archive sector, including FAQs, is now live on the TNA website at

Collections development guidance

TNA has recently published ‘Collections Development: Frameworks and Guidance’,  a new modular guide which describes both the theory and practice of collections development: available at

Higher Education Collaboration Guide launch event

The Guide to Collaboration between the Archive and Higher Education sectors was first published in partnership with RLUK in 2015.  The launch event for the refreshed version will take place on Tuesday 12 June from 11am-4pm at TNA.  More details and booking at