Seeds for Action Programme 2024

As part of Roots & Branches, the Seeds for Action online programme connects Carbon Literate certified museum people across England to develop and build on their carbon reduction strategies and approaches to taking climate action. Connect and Co-working Sessions help you to carve out time to work on climate actions with peer support from fellow delegates, and a series of thematic Collective Workshops focus on building connections to support our climate work.  Future sessions include:

Carbon Literacy Connect and Co-working Session: Wednesday 17 January 2024, 10-11.30am via zoom, more details here

Sustainable Retail: Tuesday 30 January 2024, 10-11.30am via Zoom, more details here

Collections Care and Climate: Thursday 29 February 2024, 10-11.30am via Zoom, more details here

Seeds for Action – Celebration Event: Wednesday 13th March 10.00am-12.30pm via Zoom, more details here