Screen Tourism – York and North Yorkshire Free Toolkit

There has never been a better time to capitalise on screen tourism.

North Yorkshire is an attractive proposition for film and TV locations as evidenced by the success of the ‘Yorkshire Vet’ and ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ TV series on Channel 5 TV. These programmes create demand for the destination and there is an opportunity for businesses in North Yorkshire to take advantage. The benefits go far beyond visitors as the film and TV industry need other local skills and services in order to make their programmes.

The free Screen Tourism Toolkit will help you understand why screen tourism is such a big opportunity for our region and will explore topics such as:

  • Could your business be a location?
  • The importance of building relationships
  • What are the winning ingredients for screen tourism?
  • How can screen tourism help your business?

Click here to download the Screen Tourism toolkit PDF.

The toolkit was prepared by Seren Welch Consulting Screen Tourism for York and North Yorkshire Growth Hub and Herriot Country Tourism Group.