Resource Category: Tools and Reports

Accessing Emergency Funding Schemes

A PDF flow chart to work through which funding options are available

Furlough Guide from CIPD

A PDF of the CIPD Furlough Guide

Funding and Support for Museums

A PDF of the Funding and Support for Museums Document

Collections Management Checklist

This Word Document provides a simple check-list to determine the state of collections management procedures in your museum.

Collections Biography Toolkit

This Word Document toolkit provides a framework to undertake an initial survey of a museum collection to create a collection biography and provide an overview of the collection.

MDY Annual Survey of Museums 2018-19

A PDF of the Annual Survey of Museums 2018-19  which is part of an England wide data collection exercise for museums in, and working towards, the UK Museum Accreditation Scheme. This report represents a snapshot of the regional museum sector and indicates the scale of our impact, reaching c.8 million visitors and contributing c. £200m to the region’s economy.

Museum Development Yorkshire Annual Review 2018-19

A PDF of our annual review from 2018-19

Gift Aid Resources

A zip file containing guides to gift aid from the Charity Finance Group

List of Self-Assessment Tools for Museums

A list of self-assessment tools that can be used by museums as part of an organisational review.

Museum Development Network Impact Report

Museum Development Network is a voluntary body that exists to support the development of a stronger and more resilient museum sector across the UK.

This report highlights the work that Museum Development has been doing across the UK, collectively and individually for the sector.

Small Development Grant Scheme 2018-22

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