Research into Admissions Pricing Policy in Museums and its impact

The Association of Independent Museums (AIM) and partners Arts Council England, Museums Galleries Scotland, the Welsh Government, the National Museum Directors’ Council, and the Art Fund have commissioned DC Research Ltd working in partnership with Durnin Research Ltd to deliver ‘Research into admissions pricing policy in museums and its impact’.  The research is exploring admissions policies and pricing strategies in the UK museums sector and involves assessing the impact of charging (or not) for admissions as well as investigating different pricing strategies.

The findings from the research will be used to develop guidance for museums which will help them to make informed decisions on admissions charging for their organisation.

One of the main aspects of the project is this survey of museums – and they are keen for as many museums as possible (of ALL types) across the UK to respond to the survey.  As well as the survey, a number of interviews and in-depth case studies will take place at museums across the UK, and these will gather more detailed evidence about the impact of charging.  The study team are keen to hear from museums that have recent experiences of changing their admissions policy/pricing to discuss the processes and experiences and to understand the impact of such changes.  This could take the form of a confidential discussion and/or could involve your museum featuring as a case study in the final report.  If you are happy to have a discussion with the study team, please contact them via or call Stephen Connolly, Director at DC Research on 01228 402320.


Visit the survey page for full info and details on how to add your response –