Request to Tender: Grant Administration – The Wild Escape Project – November 2022 – May 2023

We are seeking a contractor to work flexibly on grant administration for The Wild Escape project grants during the period 2 November 2022 – 31 May 2023.


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This contract is being tendered by Museum Development Yorkshire for the administration and processing of small grants of up to £3,000 to museums and other heritage organisations for activity with schools and families for The Wild Escape project (previously called The Great Escape), in support of Earth Day 2023.


The contractor will administer grants on behalf of the five regions of Museum Development Yorkshire, North East, North West, East Midlands and West Midlands. The grant funding is provided by Art Fund.


The work will have two peaks of demand on capacity in November 2022 and May 2023 for grant assessment and claim processing, with on-going intermittent work during the life of the grants.


There is a budget of up to £6,000 available to procure grant administration capacity of approx. 16 days for this work.


We are expediting the appointment of this contract to bring in grant administration capacity as soon as possible.


Please submit your proposal in the form of a CV and short tender as specified in the RTQ (max. 2 sides of A4) by 09:00 Wednesday 2 November 2022.


If you would like to discuss this opportunity, please contact: