Northern Museums Volunteer Pass 2020-2022 Registration

The Northern Museums Volunteer Pass is one of the largest Volunteer schemes in England, with over 160 participating museums and over 8,000 participating volunteers. It is open to ALL accredited museums, or those working towards accreditation, in the North East, North West and Yorkshire and Humberside Museum Development regions.

The scheme raises awareness of your museum – previous participants said that their involvement in the scheme resulted in:

“A greater awareness of the sites we manage therefore, a potential of more visitors to our sites with a heritage focus.”

“Extra footfall, coffee shop sales & some craft gallery sales.”

“Spreads the word about our Museum.”

Learning Opportunities – museums said:

“The feedback from volunteers visiting other museums is very helpful and helps to see where we might improve.”

“Helps increase volunteer knowledge of museums which in turn greatly benefits our organisation.”

Networking and Benchmarking – museums said:

“As well as promotion of our museums, the scheme illustrates how museums and cultural attractions can successfully work together and that we all recognise the huge value of volunteers.”

“Involvement within the wider community of northern museums and their volunteers”

“Our Museum benefits from the networking opportunities the scheme provides.”

To find out more here:

To sign up to the scheme please complete the survey form to express your interest:

Deadline: Monday 13 January 2020.

If you have any queries please contact Gillian Waters by email