MDY Small Grants and Covid Essentials Support now available

New Covid Essentials Support

In response to the ongoing crisis and demand from museums, we are launching Covid Essentials to help you better survive now and prepare to reopen and relaunch your site.  We are encouraging projects of up to £500 with NO match funding. There is a total fund of £3,000 and we anticipate supporting around six projects.

We do require a clear project plan that addresses at least one of these areas:

  • A key immediate issue that has resulted from the current lockdown – for example, collections care, training, security, specialist financial or legal advice
  • Helps you connect with audiences while you are closed – whether this be digitally or via traditional methods
  • Helps you engage with volunteers and staff while your museum is closed

The reopening and relaunching of your museum, including measures to make your visitors and your staff and volunteers feel safer on a Covid- secure site
We require a clear action plan that relates to your museum’s key purpose and, if possible, a timetable. We recognise that we are still in uncertain times so if the plan or timetable needs to change, we are prepared to be flexible as the situation develops.

The fund is now live and available on an open application basis, with assessments carried out weekly. All monies must be spent and claimed by the end of the financial year (March 2021). We strongly advise you to speak to your Museum Development Officer before submitting your application.

For speed and simplicity, we are using the existing small grant system. For the guidance notes and links to the online application form, click here.

Reopening the Small Grants Programme

We are reopening our scheme for strategic longer-term projects, offering grants of up to £3,000 (with two tiers of up to £1,000 and up to £3,000).

For full details read the guidance notes here.

We have a limited amount of money and encourage all interested museums to talk to their Museum Development Officer.  They will be pleased to comment on potential projects for funding and assist with any queries on the paperwork.