MDY Learning Cohorts – Open to ALL Museums in the Region

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During 2020-21 Museum Development Yorkshire (MDY) will continue to run its successful programme of themed learning groups know as Cohorts.

In 2019-20 MDY ran the following cohorts:

  • Collections
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Front of House
  • Audience Champions
  • Fundraising
  • Income Generation

The cohorts generally comprise of between 2 and 4 workshops through the year which will be backed up with a site visit with focused support for your organisation. Each participating museum will be assigned a mentor (non-NPOs only) who will visit them on site and provide feedback, advice and support. A small grant is available to non-NPO museums to support projects resulting from the cohort work. Some cohorts may include additional action learning set peer mentoring.

Your museum will be expected to commit to: a designated lead person attending every workshop; have a specific project or projects that can be brought to the workshops and the progress of which will be reported back through the year.

These groups have had excellent feedback from participant organisations about the additional benefits of learning as a cohort. The sharing of experiences, learning and successes of implementation is very powerful.

Please complete the initial expression of interest via this link:

Deadline for submission: 22nd March 2020

This can be done in addition to your support menu application.

If your museum has any questions about taking part and wants more information or to suggest an additional cohort, please contact your Museum Development Officer or email us at