Jerwood Arts Teamwork in Practice Toolkit

Practice makes perfect progress

These three words have been a guiding light throughout the creation of (Team) Work in Practice, as well as the Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries (WJCB) programme that informs it. They beautifully capture the shift in mindset that is crucial to improving working cultures long term.

Progress is iterative and takes time. Inclusivity is not a fixed state, it is a daily practice. This is true at the level of the individual, the organisation, and the sector. We believe paving the way forward with inclusive practices is crucial to the future health of our sector. We know that many arts and cultural organisations are already doing this work, and we understand the feeling of pressure to get it right. But as one contributor to this Toolkit told us, ‘What’s important is making sure that if there are mistakes, learn from them, and that’s the best you can hope for initially.’

This Toolkit isn’t a quick win, and there are no boxes to tick. Because this work isn’t easy. This Toolkit is grounded in the authentic knowledge, experiences, and expertise of people from working class/low socio-economic backgrounds. Their collected voices illuminate the complex realities of inclusivity in practice, highlighting the everyday ways of working that don’t work for everyone.

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