Getting Your House In Order Workshops 2022

Museum Development Yorkshire, in partnership with Collections Trust, Museum Development North West and Museum Development North East, is running Getting Your House In Order series of workshops again for 2022.

This series of online workshops is designed to support you in ensuring that your collections documentation is well managed. Good collections documentation enables ease of use of your collections, and ensures that your museum is properly accountable for the collections it holds.

Using the framework of Spectrum 5.0 and its collection documentation procedures, the workshops will focus on the planning and work required for museums to get their collections documentation in order.

The workshops will also make use of the Museums Association’s guidance ‘Museums Facing Closure: Legal and Ethical Issues’. The Covid-19 pandemic has put many museums in a financially precarious situation. Now or in the future, some museums may face situations which require changes to the legal ownership of their collections. Having appropriate and accountable collections documentation makes any future changes easier to manage.

Whether or not your museum is currently facing significant changes, these workshops are a useful refresher for all museums wanting to improve their collections documentation. They are also a reminder of why this work is necessary.

Led by Lindsay Duncan, Outreach Officer at Collections Trust, these online workshops are open to anybody responsible for collections documentation at a practical or governance level. This includes officers, trustees, managers, beginners and volunteers.

You may book into one, all, or any of the sessions according to your museum’s needs. Please book into each session that you wish to join.

If your museum is located in the Yorkshire and Humber region, and is Accredited or formally working towards Accreditation, please book via the links on the Museum Development Yorkshire website.

Getting Your House In Order is being delivered in partnership between Museum Development Yorkshire, Collections Trust, Museum Development North West and Museum Development North East. Workshops are being delivered online via Zoom between June to December 2022.

When answering the question, “Please describe how this training benefits your role and your organisation?” please say if your museum is facing a potential legal change to its collections, and you will be prioritised for a place.

Please note the booking links below are for museums in Yorkshire and the Humber. If you are based in the North West or the North East, please use the links advertised through your local Museum Development provider.

Click on each session for further information and to book a place.

Introduction to Spectrum 5.0
9th June 10am-12pm

Ownership of collections
21st July 10am-12pm

Documentation histories
7th September 10am-12pm

Dealing with objects with uncertain ownership
13th October, 10am-12pm

10th November 10am-12pm

Borrowing and lending
7th December 10am-12pm