Preservation of Photographic Materials: Photographic Processes and their Problems

There are many different photographic processes, each of which have inherent weaknesses caused by the materials and methods utilised in their creation. External factors, such as a photograph’s environment, also affect condition.  Correctly identifying a photograph’s process and recognising problems is important to ensure that appropriate actions can be taken to aid long-term preservation.

This free online session, delivered by the Photographic Collections Network, aims to help participants gain confidence in identifying different types of photographs (predominantly monochrome processes) and recognising internal and external damaging factors which have a detrimental impact on their condition.

The session is led by Anita Bools ACR who is the National Trust’s Senior National Conservator for Paper and Photography, a highly experienced photographic materials professional, lecturer and teacher. She was a founding committee member and chair (2009 – 2013) of ICON Photographic Materials Conservation Group and formerly Senior Paper and Photographic Materials Conservator with the North-West Museums Service.