Managing Museum and Archive Collections Together

This session is being delivered for people working or volunteering in museums across the Museum Development regions of Yorkshire and the Humber, North West and North East.

About this event

Trainer: Janice Tullock, freelance consultant and lead consultant on the development of The National Archives guidance Managing Mixed Collections

What will be covered?

This course is aimed at those who are managing museum and archive collections together and may lack the professional skills to care for and make the best of both types of collection effectively. It will help museum managers and archive managers to understand more about the challenges of managing mixed collections. It will include relevant case studies , power point presentation and break-out sessions.

The course will include an interactive element where participants can contribute to discussions via Mentimeter. Please ensure that you can access Mentimeter alongside Zoom on your device, or bring along a second device, so that you can join the discussions on the day.

Course Objectives

  • to help museum and archive managers to understand more about effective management of mixed (museum and archive) collections
  • to demonstrate where managing archives and museums are similar and where there are differences
  • to highlight how both Accreditation schemes run alongside each other and can dovetail
  • to demonstrate how a complete mixed collection can be managed using the best of each sector
  • to highlight the TNA ‘Managing Mixed Collections’ guidance and AIM ‘Successfully Managing Archives in Museums’ guidance

At the end of the session participants will:

  • have a basic knowledge of how to manage archives and museums alongside each other
  • understand where practices diverge and where they can use the best of each sector tradition
  • know where to go for more information on managing archive and museums collections together
  • recognise the connections between the Museum and Archive Service Accreditation schemes
  • feel more confident in managing museum and archive collections together

Please note: This session is a collaborative event by The National Archives and Museum Development Yorkshire, Museum Development North East and Museum Development North West.

About the trainer: Janice Tullock is an Archives and Heritage consultant, working with archive services, museums and organisations outside the cultural sector, to manage collections and develop audiences for services. Following experience in local authority archive and museum services and in policy development, her consultancy practice has focused on developing audiences for archives, managing collections, supporting the development of archive services and undertaking national strategic projects. Over a 15 year consultancy career clients have included local government, universities, charities, sporting organisations, museums and libraries across the UK. In 2021 she was lead consultant on the development of The National Archives guidance, Managing Mixed Collections. Janice is a member of the Archives Accreditation Committee and an expert mentor on behalf of the National Lottery Heritage Fund.