Elevenses – Thursday 25th May

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How to build sustainable support for museums – Pleasure, Connection and Purpose Report
The Pleasure, Connection and Purpose Report, published last month and funded by AIM and the Art Fund, looks at how museums can better understand the emotions that drive public support and how they might use that knowledge across subsequent campaigning and museum work.  The study was undertaken by behavioural research and insights consultancy M.E.L over summer 2022.


We will be joined by Art Fund’s Policy Manager, Lucy Bird, who will discuss the findings exploring how museums can leverage the public’s emotions in order to build sustained support for the sector.


The report includes a number of case studies and Claire McDade, Project Manager for the Skylark IX A Dunkirk Little Ship in Scotland, will talk about their experience.  The Skylark IX Recovery project is an example of how a sense of personal fulfilment can be gained from museum and heritage settings, in this particular case working with people in recovery from drug addiction.
Join us to discover more about how to leverage the power of emotions to build greater public support and about the case studies and guidance this report offers.

Details of the report can be found here Industry insights – Art Fund

Insightful, interactive and informal, come along to gain new insights from our guests, meet colleagues from the region, and connect with the MDY team. Everyone who works and volunteers in museums in our region is most welcome, including museum freelancers who want to stay connected.

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