Elevenses – Thursday 22nd September

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Environmental Monitoring and Control

Join us with Helena Jaeschke, Conservation Development Officer at South West Museum Development, to explore the topic of environmental monitoring and control.

Helena will explore why we need to monitor and control the environment in which museum objects are kept, and how to do that in simple ways, and how to use the information. This is a great chance to ask a specialist conservation officer any questions about how you manage your environmental monitoring.

Helena will be back with us on 13th October for an Elevenses on basic conservation cleaning.

Insightful, interactive and informal, come along to gain new insights from our guests, meet colleagues from the region, and connect with the MDY team. Everyone who works and volunteers in museums in our region is most welcome, including museum freelancers who want to stay connected.

There’s no need to book, just click the link below on the day:

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