Elevenses – Thursday 17th December

Christmas Special

Wow, we made it through 2020 (online!) So let’s be together apart once again, and celebrate with some Christmas museum fun and games.

MDY’s very special Christmas Elevenses will include…

Museum Christmas object competition

Send your best Christmas object to Dieter at: dieter.hopkin@ymt.org.uk

MDY mini Christmas quiz

Send a festive fact about your museum to mdyoffice@ymt.org.uk and guarantee you’ll get at least one question right!

Historical Christmas bake-off and virtual mince pie tasting

Have a go at baking one of the recipes below, or bring your own Christmas snack, and we will taste them together during Elevenses. Send any Christmas recipes from your museum collection to Alice at: alice.macpherson@ymt.org.uk

Prizes are available and festive outfits are encouraged!

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