Elevenses – Monday 19th October

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Join us for our new and improved Elevenses on Monday 19th October at 11am, to catch up with the MDY team and colleagues from other museums. You will have to bring your own drink and (quiet!) snack.

We will have a focus on Collections Care: Lockdown and Beyond. Libby Finney, ACE Regional Collection Care Development Officer at the Museum of London, joins Dieter Hopkin to discuss collections care issues that we’re seeing as museums recover from lockdown, and ideas for future emergency planning.This is a great opportunity to find out more and pose your own questions! This will be an informal get together, to share experiences and thinking, and enjoy some different company! If you have any questions you would like to be discussed on this topic, please send them to Alice (Alice.Macpherson@ymt.org.uk).

MDY Elevenses is on Microsoft Teams.

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