Delivering Schools Learning Online

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The potential for museums to deliver elements of their programme online has become clear as a result of the pandemic. This will be a very practical session to support you if you are thinking about incorporating online schools learning into your programme.

Emma McBeath, from Leeds Museums & Galleries, will share their experiences and explore what’s the same and what’s different about delivering your schools learning offer online. What’s the potential for audiences? Most importantly, what are the practical considerations for implementing this work? The session will cover what tech you need, which platform you might use, safeguarding in online delivery, access and inclusion, and how much to charge.

There will be opportunities for questions and discussion, and a chance to think through how you will implement this work in your museum.

Booking priority will be given to non-NPO museums in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

This 2-hour session will be delivered online via Zoom, with a short break.

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