Dealing with Uncertain Ownership

Getting Your House in Order – Dealing with Uncertain Ownership

Museum Development Yorkshire, in partnership with Collections Trust, Museum Development North West and Museum Development North East, is running Getting Your House In Order series of workshops again for 2022.

This series of online workshops is designed to support you in ensuring that your collections documentation is well managed. Good collections documentation enables ease of use of your collections, and ensures that your museum is properly accountable for the collections it holds.

About this event

In a joint session with Collections Trust and Janet Ulph, Professor of Commercial Law at the University of Leicester, we will look at the legal and ethical issues of dealing with objects you may not own (e.g. historic loans, uncollected objects, objects with no paper trail etc.) and objects with conditions attached.

Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss these issues using real-life (anonymised) scenarios.


Before the session:

• Submit your scenarios, which can be anonymised and discussed during the session.

• Please ensure that you have a working microphone, so you can participate in discussions.


This session is suitable for: Trustees, managers, beginners, volunteers.

This session will be delivered online via Zoom.

The session will last for up to 2 hours, and will include a mid-way break.


Booking Information

When answering the question, “Please describe how this training benefits your role and your organisation?” please say if your museum is facing a potential legal change to its collections, and you will be prioritised for a place.

Please note the booking links below are for museums in Yorkshire and the Humber. If you are based in the North West or the North East, please use the links advertised through your local Museum Development provider.