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Essentials in Application Writing

This course aims to equip learners to write strong applications for funding from Trusts and Foundations. This is a practical session designed to improve writing skills and to ensure that anyone can produce a strong fundraising application.

Who is it for?

Essentials in Application Writing is for people who are early in their fundraising career or those from other careers who want to understand more about how to raise money from Trusts and Foundations. The course is excellent as an induction tool for new fundraisers, project managers, producers or individual artists.

What will I learn?

  • Confidence in your writing skills to win funding
  • Tools to generate ideas and build a case for support
  • Greater success in responding to funding criteria
  • A range of research techniques
  • The fundamentals of budgeting
  • Further resources to generate ideas
  • The latest trends in fundraising via our specialist national data


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Dance City, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Dance City, Newcastle-upon-Tyne