Advocacy for Empowerment, Influence and Impact Workshop

This workshop is open to senior leaders and is being delivered to support organisations who are undergoing major challenges, such as local government re-organisation, budget cuts or risk of closure, to help develop tools to more effectively advocate for their museums.

This will be an interactive, enjoyable and productive day of practical learning with expert insight, engaging activities and lively discussions to create an empowering experience for all delegates. The approach is designed to foster collaboration, spark creativity and inspire meaningful connections among participants. By combining practical exercises, small group activities and opportunities for open conversations, we will create a dynamic and supportive environment where delegates will not only gain valuable skills and knowledge, but also have a memorable and enriching experience. The aim is to create a vibrant learning atmosphere so that delegates leave with newfound confidence, tools and resources to make a lasting impact on their museums and on the communities they serve.

Delegates will build an outline advocacy plan throughout the day, ready to discuss and develop further with colleagues in their museums.

Delivered by the University of York with Jo North.

Please register as a representative of your museum. When your place is confirmed we will encourage you to send two participants to the session.

This workshop is open to museums in the North East, North West and Yorkshire and we aim to allocate places evenly across museums in the 3 areas. Your booking will therefore be confirmed as soon as possible.