A best practice guide to recruitment for creative leaders

Delivered online via Zoom by Creative and Cultural Skills for museums across the north of England.

This is an involved, guidance session focused on helping creative leaders understand recruiting for potential. Creative leaders, in this instance refers, to anyone in an organisation who makes decisions regarding recruitment. This is a 3-hour session, which has an accompanying written guide.

The session defines the difference between diversity and inclusion, and looks at different entry routes including Work Experience, Industry Placements, Internships, Apprenticeships, Volunteering and Voluntary.

It covers the basic legalities associated with workers, employees and contractors (freelancers) and how understanding the legalities can help improve diversity and inclusion.

It also covers approaches to inclusive recruitment and introduces the idea of employers building in the use of a workforce development policy.

You can also access the written guide here: Best Practice Recruitment Guide for Creative Leaders | Creative & Cultural Skills (ccskills.org.uk)


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