Training and events

Assessing your museum’s digital capacity

Gain confidence, tools and resources to strategically assess and develop your museum’s digital activities, in a 3 part online workshop, aimed at smaller museums.

For museums to take full advantage of everything digital can offer, they must first understand how and where digital sits within their organisation. In this 3-part workshop, people in museum senior leadership, alongside a colleague responsible for undertaking digital activities, will be guided through using parts of the Digital Culture Compass, a toolkit to assess their museum’s digital activities.

13 January 2022

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Elevenses – Thursday 20th January

What’s in the MDY Support Menu 2022-23? 

It’s time once again to explore the opportunities for support offered by MDY. What are your museum’s priorities for our support in 2022-23? This is a great chance to explore our support menu and ask questions about how to choose and prioritise your support requests.

20 January 2022

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Launch Webinar – Carbon Literacy for Museums Toolkit

The new Carbon Literacy for Museums Toolkit has been developed by The Carbon Literacy Project and Museum Development North West, in collaboration with Museum Development England, museums and Julie’s Bicycle. 

To launch the Toolkit, The Carbon Literacy Project and Museum Development North West are hosting a webinar on Monday 24th January from 2pm to 3.30pm. Join us to find out more about the Toolkit, how to use it and how to access Carbon Literacy training through your Museum Development Provider. You will also hear from museums who will share their experiences of Carbon Literacy training. 

24 January 2022

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Elevenses – Monday 24th January

Welcoming visitors with additional needs

We welcome back Sarah Allen, Learning & Access Officer at Abbey House Museum, for a chat about how they work with families and people with additional needs to ensure they are fully welcome in their museum. Are you thinking about working with audiences with additional needs, or being more family-friendly? This session is for you!

24 January 2022

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A best practice guide to recruitment for creative leaders

This is an involved, guidance session focused on helping creative leaders understand recruiting for potential. Creative leaders, in this instance refers, to anyone in an organisation who makes decisions regarding recruitment. This is a 3-hour session, which has an accompanying written guide.  

The session defines the difference between diversity and inclusion, and looks at different entry routes including Work Experience, Industry Placements, Internships, Apprenticeships, Volunteering and Voluntary. 

27 January 2022

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Elevenses – Tuesday 1st February

Preparing your Accreditation Return 

Are you putting off tackling your museum’s Accreditation Return? Or is it something you’ve found a struggle in the past? Join us with Kelly Chapman for some advice on best approaches to taking control of your Accreditation Return. This session is equally suited to those whose museum is due to be called for Accreditation, or those who feel it is comfortably distant …

1 February 2022

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National Lottery Heritage Fund: Helping You Apply – Grants for £3,000 – £10,000 (North)

This informal 2 hour session will explore:

How heritage can be used to transform places and change lives; what a well-planned project looks like and; how to write a strong funding application to The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

16 February 2022

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Impact of the British Empire and Transatlantic slavery on museums and collections

Understand the relationships between the British Empire, Transatlantic slavery, and the British economy, with a focus on Yorkshire and the Humber, and how colonialism and slave trade narratives have shaped museum collections and interpretation. You will start to apply this to your museum using an object from your museum.

This session will support you if you are seeking to understand, or advocate for, why and how your museum could address colonialist or untold, diverse narratives within your collections or interpretation.

16 February 2022

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Elevenses – Thursday 17th February

Christmas Events Debrief 

Join us as we catch up with museums who hosted Christmas events to hear how things went, and how they will go about preparing for this year’s Christmas event. Too early to start talking about next Christmas – or almost too late?! Come and find out. 

17 February 2022

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East Riding & Northern Lincolnshire Museum Forum

Our aim for museum forums in 2022 is to create “a professional day out” – a chance to catch up with your museum colleagues in the region, visit an interesting venue, get the most out of being at a site, hear some interesting case studies – and really to enjoy being out in a different museum with different colleagues!

2 March 2022 · North Lincolnshire Museum

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