Training and events

Impact of the British Empire and Transatlantic slavery on museums and collections

Understand the relationships between the British Empire, Transatlantic slavery, and the British economy, with a focus on Yorkshire and the Humber, and how colonialism and slave trade narratives have shaped museum collections and interpretation. You will start to apply this to your museum using an object from your museum.

This session will support you if you are seeking to understand, or advocate for, why and how your museum could address colonialist or untold, diverse narratives within your collections or interpretation.

16 February 2022

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National Lottery Heritage Fund: Helping You Apply – Grants for £3,000 – £10,000 (North)

This informal 2 hour session will explore:

How heritage can be used to transform places and change lives; what a well-planned project looks like and; how to write a strong funding application to The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

16 February 2022

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Elevenses – Tuesday 1st February

Preparing your Accreditation Return 

Are you putting off tackling your museum’s Accreditation Return? Or is it something you’ve found a struggle in the past? Join us with Kelly Chapman for some advice on best approaches to taking control of your Accreditation Return. This session is equally suited to those whose museum is due to be called for Accreditation, or those who feel it is comfortably distant …

1 February 2022

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Elevenses – Tuesday 8th February

Front-of-House Charter for Change 

We all rely deeply on our front-of-house teams, and the pandemic has emphasised this more than ever. Join us with Abi Godfrey, co-founder of FoHMuseums to find out more about how we can support people through the FoH Charter for Change – why we need it, and how it can enable you to develop best practice with and for your FoH team. 

8 February 2022

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Elevenses – Thursday 17th February

Christmas Events Debrief 

Join us as we catch up with museums who hosted Christmas events to hear how things went, and how they will go about preparing for this year’s Christmas event. Too early to start talking about next Christmas – or almost too late?! Come and find out. 

17 February 2022

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