Training and events

Yorkshire Industrial Collections Network – Brew Up!

Practicalities of Industrial Collections Standards

We’ll be welcoming several guest speakers to explore how we apply collections management standards to the realities of caring for large industrial objects, with a special focus on maritime objects. We’ll consider access with a new digital tour of Grimsby’s historic trawler Ross Tiger. You’ll also find out about Heritage Compass, an opportunity to gain vital business support for your heritage organisation.

10 November 2021

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Collections Trust: Object Entry, Acquisitions and Accessioning

This session will explore the management and documentation involved in the acquisition of objects, using the Spectrum 5.0 procedures as a framework.

How do you manage objects coming into your organisation? Do you have problems with unsolicited donations and what do you do with the stuff you don’t want? How can a clear collections development policy help your organisation? What should you consider in acquisition-related decision-making?

4 November 2021

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Elevenses – Monday 15th November

Accreditation Update

Join us with Regional Accreditation Advisor, Kelly Chapman, for an official update on the position with Arts Council England Accreditation. The scheme was paused in 2020 due to Covid restrictions, and we will hear how it is being restarted and how to find out about your scheduled invitation date. Plenty of time for questions and discussion about Accreditation.

15 November 2021

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Rural Museums Network: Decolonising Rural Collections

Panel Discussion with Q&A introducing participants to what decolonisation might mean for their organisations and working practices.

Until recently, colonial legacies have not been central to rural history, heritage, or museology but there are clear issues to address concerning land rights, extractive colonialism, and contemporary social justice. Join us to explore how reforming rural museology is critical to decolonisation.

12 November 2021

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The National Archives: Archives Supporting Environmental Sustainability

Join us for four sessions focusing on the past, present and future of sustainability in the archives sector. This is an opportunity to be part of the sustainability conversation and reflect on climate change as COP26, the world’s most important climate change conference, takes place this November in Glasgow.

8 November 2021

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Why are Equity and Inclusion important for museums?

This introductory session will enable you to explore and understand why equity and inclusion are important to museums, and their impact on a successful museum business. There will be a particular focus on developing your racial literacy and awareness.

This session will support you if you have questions about why your museum should engage with issues of inclusion and race, or if you need to advocate internally for this work.

24 November 2021

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Elevenses – Wednesday 24th November

Autumnwatch – Museum pests and more!

Join us for a conversation with Helena Jaeschke, Conservation Development Officer from South West Museum Development, to find out more about autumn activities in the museum. Putting your collections to bed for the winter, preparing for winter weather events, clusterflies and other hibernating pests. Refresh your housekeeping preparations and pest knowledge, and know what signs to watch out for in your museum.

24 November 2021

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Elevenses – Thursday 4th November

Commissioning artists to work with your museum or collection

Join us to hear how museums have embraced the process of commissioning artists to work with their collection or museum. Stephanie Allen from Arts and Heritage will explain their role in supporting museums to acquire new skills in commissioning artists, and we will welcome speakers from Bronte Parsonage, Wakefield Museums & Castles, Pannett Art Gallery, Shandy Hall, Ripon Museums, and Colne Valley Museum to hear about their experiences and tips for getting involved.

4 November 2021

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Elevenses – Tuesday 9 November

Making Christmas

Join us to hear from a range of museum hosting spectacular Christmas events, including Kiplin Hall, Harewood House, Thackray Museum of Medicine, and Abbey House Museum. We’ll be finding out what part Christmas plays in their annual programme, how they choose a theme or focus, which audiences they target and some top tips on planning your very own Christmas Future.

9 November 2021

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Sporting Heritage: Meet the Funder

Sporting Heritage is pleased to offer the exclusive opportunity to virtually meet and hear from a wide range of grant funders and social investors about what funding and investment opportunities are available as well as the opportunity to ask for ‘Top Tips’ on applying to them and the ‘Secrets to Successful Applications’.

16 November 2021

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