Diversity & Inclusion: Getting Started with Apprenticeships 

The Museum Development North regions – MD North East, MD North West and MD Yorkshire – are pleased to offer a new series of sessions, provided in partnership with Creative & Cultural Skills www.ccskills.org.uk

Together, the sessions will introduce museums to the possibilities and requirements of hosting an apprenticeship, and guide you through thinking about how your organisation can do this well.

Hosting an apprenticeship is a valuable way of welcoming and enabling new entrants to join the museum sector. As a paid employment and development opportunity, apprenticeships can help to break down barriers created by social and economic inequality. In this way, they bring valuable and more diverse perspectives to your organisation and the museum sector.

The sessions will help your museum:

  • Find out more about hosting an apprenticeship
  • Understand how to manage an apprenticeship well
  • Consider what a meaningful recruitment policy could look like to increase diversity in your workplace
  • Gain practical advice on how to induct and mentor an apprentice into your organisation

Museums can join one, any or all of this series of sessions:

Introduction to Apprenticeships
Wed 16 Nov 10:00 – 11:30

Focusing on understanding apprenticeships and covers the basics of what an apprenticeship is, who they are for, and how they are delivered. Why apprenticeships are important, understanding and working with Apprenticeship Standards and Frameworks, how the Apprenticeship Levy works, and working with the Apprenticeship Service.


CCSkills can offer one to one support to help with job descriptions, help identify the standards and find a training provider.


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Managers’ Guide to Apprenticeships
Wed 11 Jan 10:00 – 13:00

In-depth session focusing on understanding apprenticeships including – what they are/aren’t, the responsibilities of the employer versus the training provider, apprenticeship standards and how to select the most appropriate standard for the job role. Recruiting apprentices – things to consider when reaching out to those who may be new to the world of work: writing job descriptions, shortlisting, best practice approaches to recruitment and interview and working with young people. Accompanying written guide.  (Please note content is more focused on how to support new entrants through apprenticeships.)


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Developing a workforce policy

Tue 7 Feb 10:00 – 11:30

This session concentrates on helping employers introduce a meaningful workforce recruitment policy, encouraging them to actively consider the different entry routes they use, what they want to use these routes to do, and the recruitment approaches and commitments they will make as a company, with diversity and inclusion at the heart.


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