£1.4m Museum Funding Support Announced for the North of England

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We are delighted to announce that Arts Council England will be continuing its vital support for museums in the north of England from 2024 through the creation of Museum Development North, which will be managed by a new partnership between York Museums Trust, the Manchester Partnership, Cumbria Museums Consortium and Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums.

The £1.4m funding package from Arts Council England will support museum development activity in the north of England from 1st April 2024 until March 2026.  This award reflects Arts Council England’s confidence in the expertise and track record of the partnership working of Museum Development teams across the area.

The partnership reflects the diverse nature of the sector in the north of England and will build upon the existing relationships the partners have with museums and the unparalleled knowledge of working with the sector.  Museum Development North will have deep roots in its local areas, whilst benefitting from working across the north of England.  The partnership will enable strong, agile museums that contribute to the distinctive life, cultures and identity of the north of England, which are highly valued for their transformational impact.  Museum Development North will support museums, and the people who work and volunteer in them, with opportunities to develop their practice for successful and sustainable futures, as vital community assets, drawing upon  Arts Council England’s Strategy Let’s Create, as a framework for development.

“This is very welcome news for so many museums operating across the North of England. We are delighted that Arts Council England has recognised the strengths of all the partners involved in Museum Development North. We are excited to develop our new partnership which brings together a breadth of expertise and a shared passion for the people and volunteers in museums who work tirelessly to promote, deliver and sustain culture across the north.”  Michael Turnpenny, Museum Development North

Museum Development North will work closely with Arts Council England, other area Museum Development providers and stakeholders as well as our community of museums across the north of England to prepare for its formal launch on 1 April 2024.

To view the full announcement visit the Arts Council England website.